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Reducing Workplace Injuries

  • Daily reporting
  • Reducing LTI’s and MTI’s
  • Reduce time away from work
  • Accurate diagnosis of injury and application of suitable duties
  • Faster recoveries
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Fitter and health conscious workplace


o create a smarter, more resilient workforce

We believe that the smarter approach to managing workplace musculoskeletal injuries is to go to the source of the problem. This means being onsite at the workplace where we can engage with the worker in their everyday work environment and have a direct and immediate impact in reducing the risk of injuries.

Prevented Claims
Proactive Initiatives
Injury Treatments

At the Sealy NSW plant we make complex product with complex machines and complex procedures. Building heavy mattresses means that our processes often involve intensive manual handling requirements and with a long tenured and aging workforce we have an increased responsibility to take great care of our team, Given this need, our partnership with WORKSTRONG has been invaluable in protecting our team from injury as well as reducing the impact of our processes on the teams. WORKSTRONG has taken a proactive and tailored approach to working with us, taking time to asses our processes and the individual needs of our team and business. They have also provided advice to the Management team on improving processes to reduce the likelihood of RSI and Manual Handling injuries. We are also updated with a quarterly review, detailing and measuring injury type, cause, frequency and location as well as accounting for every minute WORKSTRONG spends on site. This allows us to measure our investment as well as identify problem areas within our business. We are excited to continue to partner with WORKSTRONG as we expand and grow our business.



Physio assessment to diagnose the injury and plan progressive return to normal duties.


Proactive initiatives to reduce risk of injuries occurring


Optimising design and workflow for a particular task.



Pre-Employment Screening

Management of manual handling injuries in meat processing facilities, such as ours at B E Campbell, can be a challenging task. With the expertise of WORKSTRONG, we have been able to streamline the injury rehabilitation process, minimising worker downtime and increase productivity. They are able to make immediate health professional decisions that we would otherwise have had to seek offsite. WORKSTRONG are an integral part of our work, health and safety team, providing daily reports on current injury status and workers suitable duties. After working with us for the past 2 years, WORKSTRONG have an in-depth understanding of daily operations and are consistently being proactive on reducing repetitive load on our workers. With their implementation of a morning warm-up program and manual handling training, we have seen a positive cultural shift towards injury prevention. B E Campbell are excited about further improvements for our staff through an ongoing partnership into the future.”



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