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A Holistic Approach

Injury management through onsite physiotherapy is only the beginning of our services. We are driven to providing a holistic approach of preventing injuries through a myriad of different methods including; education, physical conditioning, manual handling skill training, job task analysis, and the use of ergonomic tools.


We understand that results are the most important factor in determining the effectiveness of our service. We are dedicated to constantly producing the best results for our clients with;

  • Reductions in LTI’s and MTI’s
  • Reductions in worker time away from duties
  • Reductions in Workers Comp Claims
  • Reductions in numbers of workers on light duties
  • Reduction in time for worker to return to pre-injury duties
  • Increased worker productivity and morale


When trying to achieve our results of producing a stronger, more resilient workforce, we don’t play guess work. Every minute of our time dedicated to reducing injuries is accurately recorded in our custom built database. At any given point in time, analysis of this data allows us to determine the depth of effectiveness of our work and hone in on areas of your business that may be at risk of future injuries.


We understand that effective and constant communication is the cornerstone for efficient management. We work in close conjunction with your work, health and safety (WHS) management team with daily communication and reporting of our onsite services. Immediate face to face communication is always employed to ensure that workers are completing their correct duties. This ensures that we return workers to pre-injury duties as fast as possible.


Results can always be better. We strive for a zero injury rate and therefore we are constantly working for you to deliver on this goal. This involves a quarterly analysis of your business using our custom built database of musculoskeletal injuries and services completed onsite. Our work is scrutinised to determine the effectiveness of the chosen services for the previous quarter, adjustments are made and then the process is repeated. This leads to a constant refinement of the service until we reach the optimum approach for your company.


For an assessment of your business to determine which services are most appropriate or for further information please fill in the form below and we will respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via phone or email.

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