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Pre-Employment Screening and Assessments

Screening a potential worker is the first line of defence when it comes to injury prevention. We use two main screens; the Muscle and Joint Assessment which is a physio specific screen to identify stiff and troublesome joints and tight muscles, and Functional Capacity Testing which evaluates poor movement and lifting technique as well as muscle weakness.

Our highly trained specialists are able to identify restrictions to normal movement possibly due to major previous injuries.

Studies show that the highest risk factor for an individual to sustain and injury for a particular area of the body is a previous injury. This can be identified through our comprehensive pre-employment screening process and hence the risk can be mitigated.

Our pre-employment screening tools are tailored specifically for the manufacturing industry and are designed to highlight muscle weaknesses and imbalances throughout the body that are likely to lead to a strain with physical work.

The screens are carried out on-site at a time that suits you. This creates a streamlined approach for the human resource team. Potential employees can be interviewed, given a site tour and complete our pre-employment screening assessment all in one day in the same location.


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