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Onsite Rapid Antigen Testing

WORKSTRONG Health Solutions partners with a wide range of businesses across multiple industries to provide health services that keep Australian workers fit and moving well. Rapid Antigen Testing by Workstrong is no exception.

We are acutely aware of the challenges that this pandemic presents, and we are committed to helping businesses stay open by providing solutions that create safer working environments for staff, customers and visitors.

Rapid Antigen Tests are designed to support businesses and communities with fast and accurate diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2. Workstrong supplies TGA listed Rapid Antigen Tests and importantly supports businesses to design and implement a compliant and effective approach to testing.

At Workstrong, we understand that every company is different and therefore customise our service accordingly. We also believe in providing a full and complete service solution. This involves:

  • Supply of the tests from a TGA approved manufacturer and supplier
  • Training of your staff to perform the tests
  • Supervision of the testing by an AHPRA registered health professional
  • Use of our custom app to efficiently complete testing and store data
  • Access to the online database to you and your staff
  • Removal of bio-hazardous waste
  • Supply of necessary PPE to conduct testing


Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable are our rapid antigen tests?

Our tests are 95.7% sensitive and 100% specific

Does a health practitioner need to perform the test?

No. A person that has been trained by a health practitioner can perform the test under the supervision of a health practitioner.

How is the test performed?

The test is easy to do and involves inserting a swab into one nostril (approximately 2-3 cm) and repeating in the other nostril before inserting the swab into a small vial. Three drops of the liquid from the vial is then dropped into the well of the test kit. Results are available in 15 minutes.

What is the difference between PCR (drive through) tests and rapid antigen tests? And which is better?

A PCR test is much more expensive and time consuming compared to a rapid antigen test and they are testing for genetic material which needs to be conducted in a laboratory setting using expensive equipment. Rapid antigen testing is a much cheaper alternative. New Evidence is showing that a Rapid Antigen Test performed every 3 days is just as effective as a PCR test.

Can Rapid Antigen Tests be used for both individuals who are symptomatic and asymptomatic?

Rapid Antigen Testing should be used for asymptomatic people only. Anyone who is demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19 must immediately have a PCR test (conducted at a local COVID-19 testing clinic) and isolate at home while awaiting results.

How are testing results stored?

Results are inputted into our WORKSTRONG Rapid Test app. Recording results via the app ensures quality, reduces error, keeps data safe, secures your employees’ confidential information and eliminates paper-based privacy risks.

Further Questions?

For a full and comprehensive list of further questions and answers, please visit the TGA website TGA website Q&A here

Our Services & Features

5 Star Rated

We have successfully implemented Rapid Antigen Testing at a variety of companies and industries with excellent reviews

Fast Results

Test kits indicate whether a person is positive or negative within 15min

Removal of Bio-Hazard Waste

Bio-hazardous waste bins and liners are provided and waste removed

Protect People and Business

Positive cases of COVID-19 can be detected prior it entering the facility, helping prevent shutdowns and the spread to vulnerable people

Easy & Non-Invasive

The swab is only inserted into the nasal cavity (not nasopharyngeal as is the case with PCR test)

Simple Storage

Test kits can be stored at room temperature

Sectors We Service

We service the following industries, health sectors and education facilities across Sydney and Melbourne

Processing & Manufacturing

Retail & Shopping

Schools & Education

Warehousing & Logistics



Sectors We Service

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